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Photoshoots in the Dominican Republic

Punta Cana Photographer captures photo shoots in the Dominican Republic for all taste and genre, from individual to any other complex commercial photo shoots!

make-up artist in the Dominican Republic!
Choosing me, photographer in the Dominican Republic, you do not have to waste time searching for and choosing a makeup artist or hair stylist in the Dominican Republic, as well as overpaying for the services of agencies! My wife Olga, who is a professional hair stylist and makeup artist, will be happy to help you! She will do your wedding look(hair and make-up) or beautiful look for your love story and your photo shoot in the Dominican Republic with me as a Punta Cana photographer. It will be the most striking event in recent times!

* Makeup and hairstyle are done exclusively by professional cosmetics and in a makeup studio or your hotel room.

Wedding Ceremony in the Dominican Republic
Due to the romance of the locality, the wedding ceremony and photo shoot in the Dominican Republic with me, as a Punta Cana photographer, will give your guests and you a lot of amazing impressions! And the costs will be many times less than in the USA or Europe! When you choose me, photographer in the Dominican Republic, you are choosing to work with the skilled photographer, that you can trust.

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Why do customers choose our team?
Top Quality
Mine main goal, as the Punta Cana photographer, is the vivid and most importantly high-quality emotions of our customers, captured in photos and in their memories.
Our Experience
Our experience and well-coordinated team allows us to give you your photos within 10 days!
We like to make people happy and this is why our customers get surprises!
Our support
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions and you can contact us at any time of the day.
Your photo session will be stored for one month in the cloud storage.
Throughout the shooting, there will be Internet access so that you can immediately show your subscribers what is happening.
Who am I
Hi friends! I am glad to welcome you to my site. My name is Konstantin Silaev and I am a professional photographer in the Dominican Republic. Before moving to the Dominican Republic, I worked as a photographer in Moscow and since 2011 I have been engaged in advertising and fashion photo shoots for various companies, brands and magazines. Now I am photographer in Punta Cana.
I have been working in the Dominican Republic not so long ago. But during this time I was able to travel to various places, make a selection of places for myself that I like and once found a wild beach on which I have never met people. I take photos everywhere: in Punta Cana where is enough a large beach line with a large number of different hotels, you can go to the excellent Macau beach (Playa de Macao) where, along with great nature and a beautiful coastline, you can go surfing or have fun with it. You can go to Mount Loma Redonda, on top there are a seesaw, a hammock, and other items which help to create the illusion that you hang or swing over the precipice. And I , as photographer in the Dominican republic, can show you interesting places and capture your moments of life.
The Dominican Republic is a country of rare beauty, which is distinguished not only by excellent climatic conditions, beautiful nature, but also by the unique air that intoxicates from the first seconds. This island has a huge amount of space for photography. As a photographer in the Dominican Republic, I offer photos of various types from a simple express photo shoot to a chic wedding or an advertising shoot.
Photographer in Punta Cana is an opportunity to save memories of a wonderful vacation forever and share them with friends.
In the Dominican Republic, you can find not only the cleanest sea, blue lagoons, clean white beaches, but also mountain peaks, dense thickets and diverse flora and fauna. You can choose a place yourself or contact me, photographer in Punta Cana, and depends on the location of your hotel we will choose the best places for photos in the Dominican Republic.
I have been working as a photographer in the Dominican Republic not so long ago, but I know great places for photo shoots that will pleasantly surprise you, and maybe even amaze you.
For lovers and honeymooners, I suggest choosing the famous Bounty Beach, which is considered to be the most romantic place on earth. This place is famous by the huge number of couples in love who come here for a wedding ceremony or engagement. Here you will get wonderful photos in the style of love stories that will delight you and remind always you of romantic moments in your life.
In addition to the standard packages of photo shoots offered on the site, I, as a photographer in Punta Cana, can offer you individually selected photo shoots that will not leave you indifferent.
You can choose a photo session on Mount Redonda, or the complex of millionaires Casa de Campo, or any other beach of your choice.
In addition to the photography itself, I, as photographer in Dominican Republic, offer additional services of a stylist and makeup artist, which will help you create the look for the photo shoot.

If you decide to play a unique wedding, I highly recommend you to choose the Dominican Republic as a location and me, as a photographer in Punta Cana, because the wedding ceremony will cost less here than in the USA or Europe, and the unforgettable experience and romance of the area will make your wedding amazing. And the wedding photo session will be completed taking into account all your wishes.
A photographer in the Dominican Republic is a person who will give you wonderful memories for life.

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Please write and call us for any questions. We will happy to answer you. I, as a photographer in Dominican Republic, extremely passionate about the photos and cherish every client.
Dominican Rep., Punta Cana
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